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We offer a Live Recording service, wherever you are playing.

We can record Live Bands, Stage Shows, School Productions or a Vocal Recording over your favourite track.

For the technical minded we use a

Mackie 24/24/8.2 Desk

Motu 24.1.0
Apple Mac G5, running Logic Pro
Alesis Monitoring

Shure,JTS,Sontronics,Sennhieser Mic's

A Yamaha LS 9,32 Digital Desk,is also available.

This means we can record upto 24 channels live, with realtime monitoring, we will mic up your band ready for your performance. Every instrument is recorded seperately so we can adjust and edit before the final mix.

We will work with you on the final mix or we can provide you with all the tracks, in wav or sd2 format, for you to copy onto your own system to complete the mix yourself. To keep your files safe we would supply you all the tracks on dvd.

If you feel that you need more control than a 'Live'  performance can give you, we can arrange to record you at your local rehearsal studio.



Why not give someone you love a Gift with a difference, a Solo Vocal or Group Recording, over backing tracks or accompaniment. A 3 hour minimum package includes a final cd for you to take away. Backing tracks can be arranged in advance so you can practice before the Recording day. Greetings card with voucher enclosed will be supplied  ....... from £85.00
We also offer a digital remastering service if you have any old recordings or need to transfer from tapes to digital format.  Call for details and prices.